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RAC Rockstars

Each month, we’ll recognize a RAC Rockstar and reward them with various prizes.


What is a RAC Rockstar? Someone who takes center stage engaging in the RAC in a meaningful way, helping build our community. 


How do you get those prizes?

  • Recruit a new RAC member = $50 gift card of your choice.

  • Post in at least 3 channels per week = $50 gift card of your choice.

  • Build a connection: Introduce RAC leaders to an industry thought leader and help develop a webinar or podcast for RAC = 3-month subscription box.

RAC Benefits

  • HR Tech meet-ups 

  • User conferences

  • Incentives like wine & bourbon events

  • The chance to host webinars

  • Share your own industry stories and experiences 

  • Enhance your industry knowledge within RAC

  • Grow your brand and social media presence and network with like-minded professionals

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